Enel’s nuclear power activities

Enel is hardly new to nuclear power, considering that it operates 11 reactors in Spain and Slovakia. Actually, Enel is one of Europe’s main operators in this sector, with a know-how that includes all the major technologies.

In Spain, through its subsidiary Endesa, Enel manages six pressurized water reactors (PWR) and one boiling water reactor (BWR), for a total of approximately 3,640 MW.

In Slovakia, through its subsidiary Slovenské Elektrárne, it manages 4 reactors using the technology known as VVER (the modern pressurized water version designed by Russia), totalizing almost 1,900 MW.

Furthermore, it is building two new reactors at the Mochovce plant in Slovakia, it is participating in the construction of the 1,600 MW EPR in Flamanville (France) and in the projects that aim at doubling the capacity of the Cernavoda plant in Romania; in Russia, it is involved with the State-managed company Rosatom in the joint development of new plants. Finally, also in France, Enel will participate in the construction of the second French EPR, which is expected to begin in 2012 at the Penly site.

In few years Enel has rebuilt abroad nuclear culture and experience, a field in which for long Italy has been a pioneer. Today, over 3,800 Enel experts are daily involved in the operations of nuclear plants and over 150 engineers are specialized in designing and building new facilities.

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