In Brazil the Enel Group controls generation companies Endesa Fortaleza and Cachoeira Dourada – with a total installed capacity of 987 MW – the transmission company Endesa CIEN and the distribution company Ampla – that operates in the city and the State of Rio de Janeiro, with over 2.6 million customers - and Coelce, which serves some 3.4 million customers in 184 municipalities in the State of Cearà.

Enel Green Power is also present in this country, where it contributes significantly to the renewable energy share: as of 30 September 2014 its installed capacity amounted to 295 MW, and at the beginning of November the company was granted, following the public tender “Leilao de reserva”, the right to sign 20-year energy supply contracts totalling 344 MW of new wind and solar photovoltaic capacity.

Overall, the total capacity of the Group’s companies in this country as of 30 September 2014 amounted to 1,271 MW. Total net generation in 2013 was 5.5 TWh.

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Data as of September 30, 2014


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