Malaga gets serious on E-Cars

E-cars of the ZEM2ALL programme  carried out at the Enel Group's smart city have travelled more than 3.4 million kilometres avoiding almost 245 tonnes of CO2 and were recharged more than 81,000 times

Energia sempre più green per il Pianeta

Cleaner Energy for the Planet

In 2014, global investments in renewable energy increased by 17 percent. Solar and wind power achieved record performances. Enel is ready to ride the “green wave”


Sustainable Chile Grows With Enel

In this Latin American country, the Group combines generation and retail market, renewable energy and traditional markets, with a wide-ranging presence that results in around 6.6GW of installed capacity and more than 1.7 million of end users

Costa Rica, a Green Energy Paradise

Costa Rica, a Green Energy Paradise

The Central American country has set a record,by running exclusively on renewable energy for 75 days in a row. Enel has been active in this area since 2001, with a wide range of projects in the renewable energy sector


Oxygen Discovers the Digital World

The latest issue of the magazine created by Enel focuses on the relationship between man and  machines in the digital revolution age in a world that cannot do without technology and robotics and in which science fiction is becoming reality


Enel and Africa Green Energy

Renewables meet the continent's energy needs with reduced costs and abundant sources, like EGP does in South Africa, also following the example of telecommunications

Water and Sustainability, Enel’s Initiatives

Water and Sustainability, Enel’s Initiatives

Environmental protection and advanced technologies to ensure the sustainable use of the most precious resource: water. Enel has long been committed to the development of efficient water management systems


Enel for the retail market: a world of customers

The Group is present on the markets of 9 countries. The new Strategic Plan foresees a 4.5 million customer increase over 5 years with added value services and energy efficiency solutions, mainly for Italian and Spanish customers

Messico, EGP ed Enel Cuore per i bambini della comunità Zapotec

Mexico, EGP and Enel Cuore for Children in the Zapotec Community

Thanks to Enel’s support, 70 children from a rural school in the state of Oaxaca, in Mexico, will have access to a multimedia room and quality education


Enel's Global Professional Training

Enel, EGP and Ampla focus on young people through their free training courses for technical professions, school-work apprenticeships, first work start workshops 


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