Investments for the community

Enel's projects and initiatives for community support are classified according to the method of the London Benchmarking Group (LBG). This model, defined by a working team formed by over 100 companies at an international level, identifies a measurement model allowing to clearly and consistently determine and classify a company's contribution to the social development of the community in which it operates.

In particular, under the LBG standard, expenditure on contributions to communities can be classified in:

  1. Charitable gifts: these are pro bono contributions that create no obligations for the recipients except to use the donation for beneficial ends and for non-profit associations. For Enel this item includes all cash and in-kind donations, including philanthropic and charitable activities through Enel Cuore Onlus and Endesa's Foundations.
  2. Community investment: medium to long term involvement in projects to sport communities, also in partnership with local organizations, aimed at addressing significant issues both for the local area and for the Company. This category includes, for example, projects that are closely linked to the core business such as Enabling Electricity which benefit the community or specific initiatives dedicated to communities close to power plants.
  3. Commercial initiatives in the community: contributions to initiatives undertaken in local areas, also in collaboration with charitable institutes or local organizations, in which the Company promotes its own brand and corporate identity. Examples of these initiatives are cultural and sports events financed with visibility for the Enel brand, or projects linked closely to business which benefit low-income customers.

In 2014 Enel's total contribution to the communities where it operates stood at 70.7 million euro.

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