Socially sustainable business initiatives

The companies in the Enel Group worldwide play an important role as drivers of growth and social and economic development in the countries and local communities in which they operate.
One of the aspects on which Enel has the possibility of making a substantial contribution is in reducing the energy divide of the communities that live in isolated regions or with a low level of development and which may not have access to energy due to the lack of production or distribution infrastructure.
Through rural electrification programs the Group can allow these populations to access electricity, thus providing an important boost to the social and economic growth opportunities of the areas concerned. In the areas covered by the Group's activities, the phenomena of lack of access to energy can be found in the countries of Latin America, where the percentage of the total population not served by the distribution network is 1.6%, while in Italy and in all the European countries in which Enel operates as a distributor this percentage is zero.

In light of the essential importance that this issue has for companies in the energy sector, and the Group's significant presence in countries in which the lack of access to energy is a significant phenomenon, Enel has launched Enabling Electricity, a medium to long term program aimed at combating the energy divide in the countries where it is present.

In addition, rural electrification projects include not only programs to extend the electric infrastructure, but also interventions to combat problems in conduct (such as the theft of electricity or non-payment of bills), especially in urban areas with a high level of social marginalization. This stimulates a social and cultural change which promotes the legitimate inclusion of new users in the electricity grid. 

Enel can contribute to the quality of life and to the growth of the communities where it operates also through interventions for education and social inclusion

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