Enabling Electricity

ENabled ELecticityThe history of the last hundred years shows us that electricity is the driving force behind industrial growth. And as the world goes through an economic recession, an efficient energy market can help wealthier nations recover and developing nations grow, by allowing the poor access to goods and services that they previously couldn't have.

Enel is supporting the United Nations International Year of Sustainable Energy for All with its programme Enabling Electricity, which focuses on three types of project:

  • Projects aimed at facilitating access to energy through distributed generation technology and development of network infrastructure, like the integration of PV Solar panels with more rudimentary systems for cooking, and the provision of small generation plants from renewable energy that are portable and can be combined with batteries that store energy for when there is no sun or wind;
  • Projects aimed at removing the economic barrier from energy access in regions like Latin America. In Brazil, for example, there is a programme that gives discounts on electricity bills for those that take their waste to recycling centre;
  • Projects in which Enel works with the local community to foster capacity building to those most in need, for example through the training of young people in dedicated technical schools.

As of today more than two million people worldwide already benefit from the Group's energy access projects, and with Enabling Electricity

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