​​​​​​​​Enel shows consideration towards the environment today for future generations. In order to protect the Earth, ensure competitiveness and develop environmental safeguard, while supplying customers with affordable and environmentally friendly energy, the Group invests in innovative research and in the best available technologies that allow greenhouse gas emission and pollutant agent reduction.

The Group is continuously improving its environmental performance, also by extending the coverage of ISO 14001-certified Environmental Management Systems (now exceeding 90% of our generating capacity and grids) to all of our operations.

With regard to renewables, our generating mix already has a net maximum capacity of more than 35,000 MW.

The management of locally-available water resources is central to biodiversity conservation, as well as to societal development and well-being. High rates of water consumption with respect to local natural flows may cause water stress. Enel constantly monitors all of its production sites in areas at risk of water scarcity, so as to manage water resources in the most efficient way

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