Environmental management systems


The progressive deployment of internationally recognized environmental management systems in all the activities of the Group (industrial, planning, coordination, services, etc.) represents a strategic target of Enel's environmental policy.


In 2012, Enel gained the ISO 14001 certification at Group level. Instrumental in achieving this strategic environmental-policy target was the development of an environmental management system, which connects, coordinates and harmonizes all the environmental management systems adopted within Enel. The new system ensures the environmental governance of the overall Group, by setting out guidelines and minimum requirements for implementing the Group's environmental policy in effective and homogeneous ways.

2013 Results

At present, ISO 14001-certified systems cover 94% of the net maximum capacity of power plants, more than 95% of the grid length and 100% of the activities of the service functions , Engineering , Research, and those of the market in Italy and Romania. The higher coverage with respect to 2012 reflects the new certifications gained by: the wind farms of Enel Green Power in Europe and Latin America; the combined-cycle thermal plants of Pego in Portugal and Marcinelle in Belgium; and the diesel thermal plant of Ibiza in Spain. 

The details of the ISO 14001-certified or EMAS-registered activities are provided in the Environmental Report 2013.

ISO 14001-certified and EMAS-registered activities

Electricity generation
Net maximum capacity certified (MW)
Electricity distribution
Grid length certified (km)
Electricity generation
Net maximum capacity registered (MW)
coverage (EU)

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