Awards and acknowledgements


Enersis – EFR prize – June 2013
EFR - Empresa Familiarmente Responsable – prize at the 3rd edition in Chile, which rewards companies for developing family-friendly best practices and promotes them as a management model. Enersis was classified 3rd in the ranking for EFR certification throughout the country.

Enersis and Chilectra – PROhumana – September 2013
The PROhumana Foundation offered a prize for Chilean companies which are most engaged in social responsibility. In 2013, Chilectra and Endesa Chile finished, respectively, 2nd and 10th in the RSE (Empresa Socialmente Responsable) ranking. 

Chilectra Sello de Eficiencia Energética – October 2013
It is an initiative of the Chilean Ministry of Energy which seeks to promote efficient and responsible energy use throughout the country. Every year 40 stamps (“sello”) are made and awarded to the best energy efficiency policies of companies in the various sectors. The parameters are similar to those for ISO 50001 certification. Chilectra, the only energy company to be ranked in the 2013 edition, received this award for reducing the company’s energy consumption and technical energy losses.

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