Correctness on the market

Fairness in the market

As a principle on which Enel's practices are based, clause 3.30 of the Code of Ethicsstates that the Enel Group shall “fully and scrupulously observe the antitrust rules and the resolutions of market's regulatory authorities”. In order to achieve this objective, subsidiaries are obliged to inform Enel SpA's Institutional Affairs department of all initiatives with antitrust significance they undertake. Enel SpA's Institutional Affairs department shall provide guidelines regarding antitrust policy. Furthermore, Institutional Affairs shall provide the necessary assistance to the management.

Furthermore, Enel shall not deny, hide, manipulate or delay any information requested by the Antitrust Authority and other regulatory bodies in their supervisory duties and shall cooperate actively during investigative procedures. Also, in order to ensure the utmost transparency, Enel undertakes to not become involved with employees of any Authority or members of their families in situations where there is a conflict of interests.

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