Enel has grown and become a multinational corporation, however always keeping in mind that growth must take place in tandem with corporate social responsibility and concern for the needs of all stakeholders, in order to make a contribution to a sustainable future.

Enel considers its stakeholders to be those individuals, groups, or institutions whose contribution is necessary for the Company to carry out its mission or, in any case, that have an interest at stake in its pursuit. In particular, its shareholders, and then its employees, customers, suppliers, and business partners.
Stakeholders in a broader sense are all the individuals and groups, as well as the organizations and institutions that represent them, whose interests are influenced by the direct or indirect effects of Enel’s activities, including the local communities in which Enel has operations, environmental associations, and an influence on future generations.

Through the numerous corporate units dedicated handling relations with its different stakeholders, the Group pays constant attention to the expectations of each, thanks to which it understands when it should promote initiatives and actions in response to the needs expressed and establishes additional processes of stakeholder engagement.

To have a positive and fruitful dialogue with stakeholders Enel considers necessary to adapt to the changes in languages and society and be in tune with them on the new platforms where they move more and more and for longer and longer periods of time.

Enel has thus included the new media in a strategy of integrated communication through the design and construction of a new uniform site system in the countries where it is present, which will gradually include all the Group companies in a network that is completely integrated in terms of content and visual identity. Furthermore, the development of Enel Sharing, a project initiated in 2009, aims to create pervasive communication parallel to that of the Enel sites through the social media. Enel intends to use the new media increasingly, especially the social networks, from an open- source-intelligence viewpoint as a dynamic platform for intercepting requests and rumors, but also needs and duties to constantly improve its corporate action.


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