Customer relations

Customer relations

As regards customer relations, Enel Group companies operate in accordance with each country's laws and regulations and with the provisions of the Group Code of Ethics.

Based on the latter, Enel's contracts and communications with customers (included advertising messages) must be:

  • clear and simple, using a language as close as possible to that normally used by stakeholders
  • in compliance with effective regulations, avoiding elusive and incorrect practices (for instance the inclusion of clauses that are unfair towards consumers)
  • complete, in order not to leave out any element that is relevant for the customer's decision
  • available on internet websites of the company

Our Group provides customers with a transparent and effective communication, both in the selling and post-selling stages, making channels and tools available for supply contract management. In Italy for instance, on the My Enel website customers can ask to pay in installments, view the details of their bills and their situation, pay invoices and installments with credit cards and bank payments, view the state-of-the-art of their files, provide self-readings.

The Bolletta Zoom service allows to view online the main items of the bill and the graphs, while a new specific channel offers commercial and management consultancy by chat. Additionally, an application has been developed for iOS and Android operational systems, which allows customers to manage their supply on their own, directly from smartphones and tablets.

On the Endesa Online portal customers can manage various aspects of their supply, since also the Spanish company has launched an application allowing to have access to the Oficina online and view bills and commercial offers. In Romania Enel has installed Enel Kiosk, public computerised desks allowing to communicate meter readings, view bills, download forms and print documents.

An adequate and effective communication also requires the greatest efforts to remove barriers regarding languages, culture, illiteracy or disabilities, aspects that can hinder equitable access to information for all customers.

A simultaneous translation service in 12 languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Rumanian, Punjabi, Albanese, Serbian and Croatian) is available for customers at every Punto Enel in Italy, while in Spain the communication channels for customers are available in Castilian and Catalan, while material informing on the safe use of energy will also be published in Catalan, Basque and Galician.

In Italy, within the programme “Enel Social Services”, together with Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Department of social affairs, since long Enel has sent sightless customers bills in Braille format. Enel Energia has launched on its website a chat allowing to meet the needs of hearing-impaired customers, while services of this same type are also being provided in Argentina. Additionally, specific channels for people with physical disabilities, elderly and pregnant women have been launched in Peru, Chile and Brazil.

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