Respect for Privacy

Respecting Privacy

In all the countries in which it operates, the Enel Group acts in compliance with enforced regulation regarding protection of customer privacy.

The company adopts every information technology measure to ensure the security of personal data during their process or retention, in every process. Additionally, Enel guarantees a careful monitoring of all third companies that might have to use the customers' personal data. This means that specific clauses will be included in contracts with partners that use personal data for their selling activities or customer satisfaction surveys.

Through its recently published Enel Privacy Code, the company has reached an historic milestone: it's the first company that has drawn up a manual to defend its customers' privacy. The Code is made up of five sections: the first one introduces the history of the concept of privacy and its future prospects; the second one delineates the legal framework; the third one illustrates fundamental notions regarding data processing and privacy protection; the fourth one lists the main parties involved in privacy management; finally, the fifth section is devoted to privacy obligations for various subjects.

The Privacy Code is applied both to Enel employees and external collaborators who process the Group's personal data. In order to facilitate the spread of a culture of privacy across the company, this initiative has been accompanied by a number of specific training activities.

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