Responsible energy use

Energy efficiency is increasingly central in the present domestic and international scenario. The technological and digital devolution has also involved the energy sector, and an increasingly efficient and flexible energy distribution management is now possible, capable of responding to the various needs of customers. Enel has implemented various projects aimed to analyse customer behaviour and monitor consumption, while raising awareness and reducing waste.

The main ongoing projects in Italy are:

  • Enel Info+, is the link in the chain joining homes and electronic meters. The kit contains a Smart Info device, a Smart info Display, a computer application (Smart info Manager) and a smartphone application (Smart info Mobile). By connecting Smart Info to an electrical plug at home or work, customers can view on a special display, computer or smartphone, the consumption data collected by the electronic meter, simply and intuitively. The kit's analysis and calculus functions allow customers to become more aware of their behaviour and understand how energy can be saved.
  • Energy@home is a project originating from the partnership established in 2009 with Electrolux, Indesit Company and Telecom Italia, with the aim of developing a communication platform between smart devices and latest-generation electric appliances for homes. This platform has enabled the development of cutting-edge services aimed to regulate consumption by carefully monitoring the use of appliances and their efficiency level, in order to lower the electricity bill and reduce the environmental impact of residential consumption.
  • ComeConsumo is a detection system that is applied to the ordinary meter, allowing customers to monitor in real time their consumption and to identify saving opportunities (especially when energy is more expensive). The service includes a detector, a remote display and a system for online data processing and analysis.

Various energy efficiency projects are also ongoing in South America and Spain, where a consumption monitoring and control system has been implemented allowing residential customers to remotely manage their energy consumption.

In Italy, Romania, Peru and Chile, Enel offers tariffs on a “two-hour basis”, which differentiates the price of energy based on the time of consumption: higher during peak hours, lower when the electricity grid is less burdened. This allows to balance grid load redistribution, with technical and environmental benefits.

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