Future Generations

Future generations

Enel feels the responsibility to leave a better world to future generations and this is the basis of both the Group's mission and activities.

To ensure sustainable energy for all Enel is working around the globe to improve access to energy, increase energy efficiency, invest in innovation and research and develop both renewable energy and technology that will most effectively contain climate-changing emissions.

Enel promotes the building of electricity power plants in developing nations and is committed to the realisation of a climate strategy. It proposes the objective of diversifying energy sources – from nuclear power to renewable energy – by improving technology within current power plants.

Energy efficiency is a key element in a global economy in which resources are increasingly scarce. Enel believes that reducing energy consumption means investing in increasing efficiency across the Group's activities, from production to distribution, and aims to raise awareness of consumption among the general public.

Enel is committed to research and development of carbon capture technology and the contain of environmentally damaging emissions, through the development of smart grids and electric mobility. It is also working to break down the barriers holding back the spread of renewable energy, and in 2012 Enel accepted the United Nations' invitation to businesses, institutions and civil society to collaborate towards increasing energy access and use of renewable energy and improving energy efficiency.

The UN declared 2014-2024 the Decade of Sustainable Energy for All, and Enel with contribute by following up on what it has already accomplished, in particular through its Enabling Electricity programme.

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