Sustainability is also at the heart of Enel's relationship with its suppliers.

The Group has formalised a system that checks that the rights of those working for Enel's external suppliers are respected. Enel also always adopts policies that focus on transparency and decency in the selection of and relationship with suppliers.

That relationship is managed by the Service and Acquisitions department Enel mostly listens to feedback during the training sessions is plans and organises.

Enel has already introduced the Green procurement procedure that identifies environmentally-friendly goods and services. The Group also pays particular attention to safety, regardless of whether it regards internal or external personnel. This commitment manifests itself in two ways:

  • The definition of stringent, common requirements that each business has to meet before becoming an Enel supplier, which are checked periodically;
  • Taking up the role as guide for contracting businesses, especially SMEs, helping them to strengthen their own safety cultures.
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