Data taken from the sample of brokers listed in the Market Consensus section which include Endesa contribution in the P&L estimates.

Updated as of 09/16/2009

  1. Figures of 1H2009 relating to Endesa 67%. Figures of 2H2009, FY2010 and FY2011 relating to Endesa 100%
  2. The average is calculated excluding the minimum and maximum values. The lowest value and the highest value of the panel are excluded just once
  3. Sample includes 18 Broker Houses
  4. Inclusion in the market consensus analysisi panel based on Enel's volumes traded by top italian and international brokers (source Bloomberg) and on time spam since the latest report released

The figures hereof are developed by the group of analysts working for domestic and international broker houses indicated at the market Consensus page.
Any opinion, estimate or forward-looking statement reported hereof concerning Enel's results or the trend of Enel's stock shall be considered as the analyst's own opinion, estimate and forward-looking statement and shall not be considered as an opinion, estimate or forward-looking statement expressed by Enel and/or its management.
The publication of such figures in the section hereof does not entail that Enel sustains or shares them.
Enel is only responsible for the forward-looking statements, the financial and operational targets and the periodic accounting data that the Company makes available to the public pursuant to the laws and regulations in force.