In this section you can consult documents concerning the placement of Enel shares, the acquisition of Endesa and OGK-5 and the capital raise.

Initial Public Offerings

Four bids for the sale of the Enel title were promoted. Privatization began in 1999, by placing on the market of more than 3,8 billion ordinary shares, equal to 31,74 % of share capital, worth 16,55 billion euros (corresponding to 32,045 billion Lire). It was the largest public offering in Europe and second in the world for both value and number of subscribers.
In 2001 there was a reverse stock split, so that 3,8 billion ordinary shares became 1,9 billion. At the end of October 2003, the placement of the third tranche of Enel shares was completed: one billion shares was offered, about 16,4% of the share capital. From June 27th to July 1st 2005, the Ministry of Economy and Finance promoted the public offering of Enel shares, OPV Enel4. 500 million shares were offered , equal to about 8,2% of the Company's capital.

Endesa tender offer

On July 30th 2007, ENEL SpA and Acciona SA announced of the beginning of the acceptance period of their offer on the capital of Endesa SA. The offer price was 40,16 euros per share in cash. The offering was completed on October 1st 2007.




On November 15th 2007, following the approval by FSFR (Russian Authority for financial market regulation), Enel launched the takeover bid on the capital of OGK-5 for the price of 4,4275 rubles per share. The term for joining the purchasing public offer was 80 days.



Capital raise

On May 6th and May 28th 2009, the Board of Directors of Enel decided to increase the share capital for a maximum amount, 8 billion euros, including the surcharge. Stock options could be made from June 1st 2009 to June 19th 2009. At the end of the "offer period", the capital increase was concluded with the full subscription of the 3,216,938,192 newly issued ordinary shares, equivalent to 34,21% of the new share capital, equivalent to Euro 7,978,006,716.16, including fees and expenses.