Gianfranco Tosi

Published on martes, 2 agosto 2016

A graduate in mechanical engineering (1971) of the Polytechnic Institute of Milan, since 1972 he has held a number of positions at the same institute, becoming professor of iron metallurgy in 1982 and from 1992 also giving the course on the technology of metal materials (together with the same position at the University of Lecco). Author of more than 60 publications, he has been extensively involved in scientific activities. Member of the boards of directors of several companies and consortia, he has also held positions in associations, including the vice-presidency of the Gruppo Giovani Federlombarda (with duties as regional delegate on the Comitato Centrale Giovani Imprenditori instituted within Confindustria) and the office of member of the executive committee of the Unione Imprenditori of the Province of Varese. From December 1993 to May 2002 he was mayor of the city of Busto Arsizio. President of the Center for Lombard Culture, established by the Lombardy Region to defend and develop the local culture, he is also a member of the association of journalists. He has been a Director of Enel since May 2002.


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