Enel is involved in the main national and international industry associations and plays a proactive role in the main networks which promote a way of doing business that is consistent with a sustainability-based perspective and develop Corporate Social Responsibility projects. The Enel Group's international role is also shown by its active participation in the international associations and organizations that establish long-term goals and commitments to cope with the challenges of climate change and the social and economic pressures concerning the energy industry and the macroeconomic situation in general.

The Enel Group in the Global Compact and the commitment to the Board Programme

Since 2004 Enel has been an active member of the United Nations Global Compact and since 2011 has been one of the members of the Steering Committee of the Global Compact LEAD, which consists of those companies which have developed best practice in sustainability at global level. The Global Compact is the program promoted by the UN Secretary-General dedicated to the business world, with the aim of involving the private sector in a new type of public/private partnership to realize and develop the ten universal principles of the United Nations regarding human rights, labor, environmental protection and anti-corruption. Among the various recent initiatives of the GCLead which Enel takes part in, one of the most innovative is the Lead Board Programme, which intends to develop senior management training on the strategic role of company Boards of Directors regarding the integration of sustainability into business strategies, providing studies on the issue prepared by leading international experts. Enel is one of the first eight companies in the world to take part in this program's pilot stage. 

In May 2015, Enel CEO Francesco Starace was appointed to the board of the United Nations Clobal Compact. Mr. Starace is the first representative of an Italian business to be appointed to its Board.

Global Sustainable Electric Partnership

The Global Sustainable Electric Partnership is a nonprofit organisation comprising the major global electric enterprises. Implementing sustainable energy development within the international framework on climate change, and in cooperation with experts at the UN and local partners, it develops renewable energy projects and human capacity building activities worldwide, helping bring energy to part of the two billion people around the globe who still lack this essential resource. The GSEP considers electricity essential to the fight against climate change.


A global initiative with the goal of promoting the constant enhancement of corporate social responsibility in the coal production chain. In July of 2013, following consultations with all stakeholders, the members of Better Coal adopted a code that establishes ethical, social and environmental principles which member companies are expected to follow. Enel holds the vice president's chair on the organisation's Board of Directors. 

CSR Europe

This Brussels-based body is appointed by the European Commission to oversee corporate social responsibility. CSR Europe brings together 59 multinationals from all over Europe with the aim of promoting the sharing of best practices in the field of CSR, as well as the sustainability and competitiveness of European companies. Enel is a member of the Board of Directors and actively participates in the network's activities and sponsored events. 

Sustainable Energy for All, SE4ALL

Enel participates in and actively supports this UN initiative with the programme ENabling ELectricity, launched in 2011 during the UN's Private Sector Forum. This project has brought access to electricity to over 2,300,000 people. Enel is committed to bringing that number up to five million by 2019 and investing approximately nine billion euros in developing its renewable capacity over the next four years. Since June 2014, Enel's CEO has been a member of SE4ALL's Advisory Board. 

Global Reporting Initiative, GRI

The Global Reporting Initiative is a global network of stakeholders whose guidelines are aimed at offering a detailed picture of companies' social responsibility and stipulate compliance with the highest standards of disclosing complete and accessible information. Since 2006, Enel has applied the reporting guidelines issued by the GRI in preparing its sustainability reports. 

International Integrated Reporting Council

The International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) is a global coalition of regulators, investors, enterprises and standard setters that aims to promote an integrated approach to reporting as the next step in the evolution of corporate reporting. Enel has belonged to IIRC since its foundation and participates in its pilot programme.