Published on martes, 25 enero 2011

Preliminary agreement to develop and promote the take-up of annual cycle heat pumps for residential and commercial use

Rome, January 25th 2011 – This morning, Massimo Bruno, ENEL’s Head of Territorial and Italian Confederation of Industry (Confindustria) External Relations, and Bruno Bellò, Chairman of Co.Aer/ANIMA, signed a preliminary agreement to optimize and develop renewables for combined heating and cooling. The purpose of the agreement is to raise awareness and usage of annual cycle heat pumps.

This technology enhances energy efficiency, reduces CO2 emissions, and brings down primary energy consumption for heating in winter and air conditioning in summer.

The majority of Italian households use a boiler system for heating and independently-controlled air conditioners to cater to their summer needs. In a survey of heating and cooling systems, Co.Aer found that if 30% of demand was catered to by annual cycle heat pump systems (a single installation for both heating and air conditioning), primary energy consumption would be reduced by around 4.6 MTOE, corresponding to 23% of overall consumption and around 10.5 million tonnes of CO2.

In recent years, the Italian market for annual cycle heat pumps has registered modest growth (4%-5%). In 2010, the market remained at 2009 levels. This compares unfavorably with other European nations: in Norway, Germany and Sweden, growth is either in double or triple digits (120% in France, following the launch of a government incentive programme).

Co.Aer Chairman Bruno Bellò says: “Annual cycle heat pumps and the various types of heating/cooling installations that can be built around them offer a viable alternative to traditional combustion systems. As well as helping to achieve targets for energy efficiency and the reduction of harmful emissions, they have the additional benefit of drawing on renewables for around 75% of their needs, and they can use either air, water or ground-based heat sources.”

Massimo Bruno adds: “Enel has always been committed to promoting energy efficiency. Thanks to the agreement signed today, through its sales network Enel will be able to offer key support to household and tertiary sector heat pump take-up.”


ANIMA - the Federation of the Italian Associations of Mechanical and Engineering Industries - is a trade body that represents all major mechanical and engineering industry companies within the Italian Confederation of Industry (Confindustria). The industry employs 192,000 people and generates turnover of €41 billion, of which 51% from exports. ANIMA spans the following macro sectors: machinery and equipment for energy generation in the oil and chemicals industries - assembly and maintenance of industrial plants; goods logistics and transportation; technology and products for the food industry; technology and products for industry; plant, machinery and equipment for the construction industry; equipment and products for environmental and personal protection; and general metal equipment.

Co.Aer - The Association of Aeraulic Equipment and Plant Constructors - The industry represented by Co.Aer provides jobs to 7,250 people and generates turnover of €1.4 billion, of which 38% from exports. The industry is subdivided into the following market areas: fans - components for air distribution and diffusion - atmospheric pollution abatement equipment - air filters - air treatment systems - water cooling systems - motocondensing units - heat pumps - oil/air coolers - fan convectors - independently-controlled air conditioners - heat exchangers - and cooling towers.

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