Claudio Sartorelli

Secretary of the Board of Directors

A lawyer born in Rome in 1945, he has spent his entire career in the Enel Group. Hired by the Legal Department in 1970, he became an executive in 1979.

Since 1983, he has held the position of "Chief of Coordination and Legislative-Contractual Support" at the Department of Supplies and Tenders, and - from June 1992 to July 1996 - he served as Secretary of the Committee on Enel's Corporate Holdings.

In September 1992 he was appointed Secretary of the Board of Directors, a position he still holds. In December 1996 he was named Director of Enel's Corporate and Legal Secretariat.

Within the current organisational structure, in force since May 1999, he is Director of the Corporate Secretariat of Enel S.p.A.

Last updating as of: 20th Oct, 2014