José Bogas Gálvez

Head of Country Iberia

José Bogas Gálvez was appointed the Enel Group's Director for Iberia, a role established as part of the reorganisation of the Group's structure, in July 2014.

Mr. Gálvez joined Endesa in 1982, and he has held a number of positions within the Group, beginning as the Planning Department's Head of Market Studies. Two years later he was named Head of Commercial Relations, and between 1988 and 1997 he was Head of Energy Control and Management. He was General Manager and Head of Generation between 1997 and 1998, after which he was Head of Electricity Business until 2004. Then until taking up his current role he was Chief Operating Officer for Spain and Portugal.

His previous experience includes being Technical and Economic Advisor to the Directorate General of Energy at Spain's Ministry of Industry, working as a systems analyst at ERIA and as a systems engineer at DIMETRONIC's Engineering Division.

Mr. Gálvez is also currently CEO of Endesa and Chairman of Elcogas S.A., as well as being Director of Endesa Generación Portugal S.A., Enel Green Power España S.L. and Compañía Operadora del Mercado Español de la Electricidad S.A.

In the past he has played a part in organisations and associations like UNESA, INSEAD and others.

In 2010 he received the Javier Benjumea Engineering Award.