Enel’s daily commitment reflected in numbers and projects

Tangible results, numbers and projects that reflect Enel’s daily commitment to meeting the new challenges of the energy transition.

Concrete results, numbers and projects that reflect Enel’s daily commitment to meeting the new challenges of the energy transition.

Through innovation, we promote solutions to reduce the environmental impact and meet the needs of customers and the local communities in which we operate. Furthermore, we are committed to ensuring strict safety standards for the people who work at our organization and for our suppliers.

Fight against climate change

Our pathway  to complete decarbonization by 2040, both for direct and indirect emissions, and without resorting to any offsetting measures, such as CO2 removal technologies and nature-based solutions.

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Electrification and Digitalization

We have created an ecosystem of products and services to make sustainability accessible for all.

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People and communities

We enhance Enel’s human capital and promote economic and social growth in the communities where we operate.

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Innovation and Innovability®

Sustainability is our purpose, and innovation is the means to fulfill it, thanks to a widespread culture and an “Open” approach.

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Circular Economy

This strategic driver and growth accelerator reduces impacts and the use of resources throughout the value chain.

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A sustainable supply chain

The relationships with our suppliers are based on transparency and collaboration.

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Occupational health and safety

We measure our success by guaranteeing protection for the people who work with us.

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Environmental sustainability

We place environmental protection, conservation of natural capital and biodiversity at the core of every phase of our operations and in every area in which we operate.

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Sound Governance

Our governance model is inspired by the highest international standards of transparency and fairness, and is essential for sustainable success.

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Tax transparency

Our tax strategy and transparent reporting support sustainable development in the countries where we operate.

Sustainable finance

Mobilizing public and private capital serves our sustainability strategy and the investment objectives of our strategic plan.

European Taxonomy

For the first time, we have developed a process to analyze how the EU taxonomy applies throughout our value chain.

Human rights

Respect for human rights underlies all Enel’s actions and is a continuous priority in all countries where the Group operates.