Electrification and platforms

Electrification and platforms

Reliability, safety and continuity of distribution, innovation, customized digitalization, quality, effectiveness and transparency in the sale of energy and services. All these aspects characterize each stage of our relationship with our customers, in all the countries where we operate.

million electricity and gas retail customers
million km of distribution network
TWh of electricity transported

These days, the grid plays an important role in facilitating the energy transition. The grid must be “smarter” (i.e., more intelligent), more modern and more digital while being integrated into a “platform” model. With an automated and resilient grid system, we ensure high-quality, affordable and reliable service to accelerate the development of communities.

Grid Blue Sky and Grid Futurability

A grid is usually established to meet local needs, so it can take many forms. Over the years, the viewpoint began to focus excessively on the autonomy of specific grids, considering them to be stand-alone entities with little mutual interaction. Grids were added over time, but without achieving an over-arching vision or level of service. Grid Blue Sky seeks to go beyond this state of affairs by imagining the unified management of all our grids. To tackle these challenges, we are adopting a platform model with two objectives. The first is to create an ecosystem that provides business processes and solutions through Grid Blue Sky, to enhance business performance and quality of customer service. The second is to build a new model for the grid of the future, Grid Futurability, which is designed to improve the context in which we live, in both the short and the long term.


Innovation becomes systemic with Grid Futurability; digitalization and automation make the grid more resilient and flexible, while the platform model makes cities more sustainable. As a result, new services can be provided based on whether they are in an urban or rural context, thus maximizing value for both customers and the grid. Platformization therefore aims to facilitate sustainability and guarantee that it is fully integrated into the value chain. In 2020, as part of the Grid Blue Sky project, we conducted an analysis to identify the most relevant issues in relation to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): reducing greenhouse gas emissions (also by stepping up the digitalization of processes), and profiling of new data fields, platform parameters to support decision-making when developing new technical solutions, and to enhance stakeholder engagement.