Occupational health and safety

We consider individual health, safety, and physical and mental wellbeing to be the most valuable of assets. They must be protected at all times in life, at work, at home and during leisure time. As such, we are committed to developing and promoting a robust safety culture throughout the Company, to guarantee a work environment without health and safety hazards. 

Combined injury frequency rate (FR)
Extra checking on site (ECoS)
hours training for Enel staff

Enel and nuclear

Through its activities in nuclear technologies, Enel publicly commits itself as shareholder to ensure that its nuclear facilities adopt a clear nuclear safety policy and are operated with overriding priority to nuclear safety.

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In 2020, a number of innovation projects on safety continued, and new ones were launched to improve processes, including staff training, the implementation of prevention and protection measures, and the implementation and analysis of corrective controls.


Global Power Generation at work to guarantee Intrinsic Safety

Each plant is a home. Over 16,000 people in the Global Power Generation Business Line are committed to making the 1,300 homes (plants) throughout the world safer.


What is Intrinsic Safety? Intrinsic safety is an ethical and moral duty towards Enel staff and all people who work with Enel.

It is also the latest ambitious initiative, launched in March 2020 by Global Power Generation, which focuses on sharing best practices, improving health and safety processes at all plants, and reviewing their operations.

The project is active in all the 31 countries where GPG operates, as well as in the plants that will come on stream in the months and years to come as additional capacity. Implementation will last three years, from 2020 to 2022, to enhance the safety of the Group’s fleet by analyzing processes and components, such as electrical panels, switches, moving parts and walkway gratings, emphasizing activities at worksites that are included as part of the phase-out of coal facilities.

The data-driven approach enabled an in-depth analysis on tens of thousands of safety observations from the plants. This, along with the improvement programs launched in recent years to implement various technologies, has made it possible for us to identify the main sectors of intervention. Each stage will cover specific phases: preparing guidelines for identifying plant components to be analyzed, mapped and assessed, defining improvement actions and technical solutions, and finally executing and concretely adopting the action plans identified for each plant.

This innovation starts with the hardware but could not exist without the most important software of all, people. Our people working at power plants are in fact the eyes and ears of the Group for each plant. They are therefore in the best position to suggest ways to improve operations. 

And, thanks to Intrinsic Safety and frontier technologies for minimizing the risk of injury, Global Power Generation aims to achieve a goal of “Zero Injuries.”