The communities where we operate

The communities where we operate

Trust, responsibility, proactivity and innovation are the key values of our Open Power approach. These values are the basis for creating an open and dynamic working environment, which fosters entrepreneurship, risk-taking and discontinuity management, by increasingly integrating diversity. They are the values that enable us to continue to grow while delivering on our commitments to our people, our customers and the market. 

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Of the projects Enel has developed, the Aurora solar park is an example of a dual-use plant, where solar power generation goes hand in hand with a commitment to protect natural capital and support for local communities.


Aurora solar park: our first sustainable dual-use plant

Solar energy with dual-use means using the land to generate solar energy while implementing practices to conserve natural capital and serve the ecosystem. The Aurora Park does not just generate power: it also plays an essential role for pollinators, wildlife and in improving water quality. Studies have shown that climate change has contributed to reducing the number of bumblebees, which are important pollinators that help maintain our ecosystem.


At Aurora Park, our dual-purpose, pollinator-friendly approach is helping us to solve both problems. We generate power without harmful emissions and create a favorable habitat for bees. Beekeeping cooperatives, which are located beyond the fence but still on Enel land, are taking advantage of the local plant life and ecosystem of the Aurora site to help the bee populations, with the aim of enhancing the crop productivity for surrounding farms. Furthermore, the bees produce a sweet treat that consumers can enjoy: Aurora honey is sold to the food and beverage industry and is used in products such as snacks and even beer.