Sustainability topics and performances

Solid facts and data that reflect Enel’s daily commitment to protecting the environment, relationships with local communities, individuals’ motivations, relationships with clients, investment in innovation, information and communication technologies, and the development of clean energy.

Key features are the indicators of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Sustainability across the entire value chain, not only for ex post evaluation but rather to anticipate decisions and reinforce a proactive rather than reactive approach. Enel aims to drive change and detect new market opportunities in advance, aware of the fact that the starting point is the knowledge of the context in which the Group is active.

The process of accounting occurs through the collection and elaboration of these indicators, according to what is outlined in the GRI Standards in addition to the principles of accountability from the United Nations Global Compact and the main sustainability indexes.

The principles underpinning our work

The Enel Group has a solid system of ethics underpinning its work. This system is a dynamic collection of rules, which is constantly oriented at introducing the best international practices that all the people who work in Enel and for Enel must comply with and apply in their daily work.

Commitment to the fight against climate change

Climate change is the main global challenge of the 21st century and can only be answered via the active engagement of all interested parties, including the private sector. Enel is fully aware of this challenge and has developed a business model aligned with the objectives of the Paris Agreement and the achievement of decarbonization of its energy mix by 2050.

Human rights

Enel is committed to actively support the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. Therefore, the respect of human rights is one of the principles on which Enel's actions are based: it is a constant focus in all the countries where the Group operates and in every company part of the Group.

Involvement in associations

The Enel Group plays an active role in sustainability associations and organizations, at both national and international level, that set long-term goals and commitments to promote a sustainable way of doing business and to manage the challenges of climate change and socio-economic pressures affecting the macroeconomic environment, particularly in the energy sector.  


The protection of biodiversity is one of the most important values ​​with which a company's sustainability is measured. Enel is aware of the value of ecosystems and biodiversity and is traditionally committed to responsible management of natural resources during the design, construction, and operation phases.

Enel and nuclear

Through its activities in nuclear technologies, Enel publicly commits itself as shareholder to ensure that its nuclear facilities adopt a clear nuclear safety policy and are operated with overriding priority to nuclear safety.

Tax transparency

Enel is an industrial group whose main activity involves generating, distributing, and selling electricity. The selection of countries where the Group operates is guided by business choices and not by tax reasons. 

Communication on Progress (COP)

Enel has been a member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) since 2004, supporting its ten founding principles related to human rights, labor standards, environmental protection, and anti-corruption. 

Sustainability Report 2020 - Consolidated non-financial statement

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