On April 29th. 2009, the Shareholders' meeting commissioned the Board of Directors to carry out a capital increase for up to 8 billion Euros, including additional paid-in capital. On May 28th. Enel's Board of Directors defined the conditions for the capital increase. Ordinary shares were issued, to be paid from January 1st. 2009, with an option right offered to Enel shareholders: each shareholder had the right to subscribe 13 new shares for every 25 that were already owned, at €2.48/share.
Stock options were exercised from June 1st, 2009, to June 19th,2009. At the end of the "offer period", the capital increase was completed with the full subscription of the 3,216,938,192 newly issued ordinary shares, representing 34.21% of the new capital, equivalent to 7,978,006,716.16 Euros gross of fees and expenses.