Investing in Italy's largest power company as well as in the second largest utility in Europe in terms of installed (Data from 2008 financial report) capacity means investing in a company with a strong sense of economic, social and environmental responsibility.
A company representing an International Group producing and distributing electricity and gas in 23 countries across four continents. Enel makes use of all its resources to produce energy from over 1.000 (Data from the 2008 financial report and environmental Report) power stations all over the world, with a balanced fuel mix: hydroelectric, wind, coal, solar, oil, gas, nuclear and geothermal.
Enel is a reliable company with a focus on profitability thanks to its constant technological innovation, its environmental friendly approach and an excellent financial strategy.
Working to consolidate the confidence of the Group's stakeholders is a commitment which has made Enel one of the few companies to be listed for the sixth year running on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, one of the most important ethical stock indices.
That is why investing in Enel bonds means taking part in a clear, transparent financial transaction, thus linking one's own investment to one of the most solid companies in Europe.

Please read the prospectus available at Enel and participating banks before agreeing to terms.

Enel offers all investors the opportunity to subscribe to a new bond offering with an overall amount of 2 billion Euro (The offering may be increased up to 3 billion Euro)
From the 15th to the 26th February (The public offering may be closed early, under the conditions of the Prospectus. In this event, notification will be published in the Financial Times. Door-to-door selling will termiate on 19th February 2010.), two different types of bond will be available – fixed rate or floating rate – with a minimum investment of 2.000 Euro (2 bonds with a par value of 1.000 euro each).
All the advantages of Enel bonds can be discovered at participating banks
The bonds are a clear investment in a solid company operating on a growing market. Whether at fixed or floating rate, bond yields are easy to calculate. Moreover, the offering is free of bank charges or subscription fees.
The bonds will be traded on the Mercato Telematico delle Obbligazioni (MOT), which investors can access on a daily basis. Trading on the MOT can take place at any time, even for a single bond can be traded.

In Italy, for further information on the operation, the toll free number 800.13.23.13 and