Macro-economic trends

The strategic plan has been developed on the basis of an analysis of the following trends:

1. Increase in power demand in Latin America and Africa mostly due to demographics: accelerating urbanization as well as wealth creation is offering opportunities to drive organic growth across the value chain in those markets.

2. Transformation of the energy systems in mature power markets towards full digitization is opening up new revenue opportunities in areas of Enel Group's natural competitive strengths. Digital meters, historically an area in which Enel has been the undisputed pioneer and industry leader, are the building block of the digital network challenge. Mature markets will remain a vibrant area of value creation for those players able to innovate and capture the opportunities offered by technological evolution.

Enel Group is well positioned to leverage these developments, thanks to its leadership and unique capabilities in digital metering and smart grids, its strong presence across the value chain in all its markets, its 61 million end-users, and its strategic positioning and established presence in promising growth markets of Latin America and Africa.