#EnelFocusOn, San Francisco - Chris Anderson and Ryan O'Keeffe on Open Innovation


Chris Anderson

CEO of 3DR and founder of DIY Drones and DIY Robocars, former Editor in Chief of Wired Magazine, author of The Long Tail


Darren Murph
Journalist, Marketing Consultant, & PR Professional
Grant Allen
Managing Director and Head of Ventures at ABB
Gregory Rosen
Expert in Renewables Finance, Strategy & Business Innovation
Brandon Keefe
Developer of Energy Storage & Renewable Energy Projects
David Casalini
CEO and Co-Founder of RnD Lab & StartupItalia!
Mirko Pallera
Founder, CEO and Social Media Strategist of Ninja Marketing
Luiz Yassuda
Online Communications Writer and Editor
Juan Carlos Yepes
Milton Vela Valencia
Consultant, Author and Professor
Alejandro Alaluf
Otam Boss
Creator of Ingeniero Boss
Radu Băzăvan
Senior Technical Writer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Janice Lin
Co-Founder & Executive Director of CESA
Niki Manby
Chief Operating Officer at Citi Ventures
Terrence Sweeney
EVP, Marketing, New Digital Businesses at BBVA