#EnelFocusOn, San Francisco - Chesbrough on Open Innovability

enel focus on - san francisco 2018

Henry Chesbrough

Open Innovation theoretician, Adjunct Professor at the Berkeley Haas School of Business @henrychesbrough


Luca Conti
Social media consultant and blogger at Pandemia.org
Veronica Caciagli
Digital communicator at Gli Stati generali, Qualenergia.it and others, web communicator, president of Italian Climate Network, with 350.org
Eugenio Spagnuolo
Journalist at Wired Italia
Daniela Lauria
Journalist at Blitz Quotidiano
Antonio Serrano
CEO at Spartanhack, CFO at SinFaltas, lawyer
George Buhnici
Journalist, vlogger, tech and cars enthusiast
Santiago Villegas
Expert in Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Technology to transform libraries and more
Ximena Vega
CEO and founder of Claridad Coaching Estratégico
Clarisa Herrera
Journalist and researcher: business, technology, innovation. Journalism and Communication professor
Rene Silva
Founder of the newspaper Voz das Comunidades
Leo Prieto
Founder and CEO at Odd Industries
Emily Kirsh
Founder and CEO at Powerhouse
Barry Pousman
Digital and content strategist at Institute for the Future. Co-founder at Variable Labs
Will Smith
CEO at Foovr
Sally French
Expert in drones
Rebecca Watson
Science enthusiast. Writer, performer. Creator of Skepchick Network