#EnelFocusOn, Santiago de Chile - Araya on how e-mobility helps public transport


Monica Araya


Marian Andrei
Technology journalist. Racing driver
Tom Moloughney
Electric vehicle consultant, writer and sales trainer
Dario Hidalgo
Sustainable mobility researcher, executive director of the Despacio Foundation
Mariana Alegre
Executive Director of Lima Cómo Vamos, columnist for Perú 21
Leonardo Silva Müller
Journalist at NZN - NoZebra Network
Desireé Jaimovich
Journalist with Infobae in Argentina, with a strong interest in technology and travel
Eliseo Salazar
Former F1 driver and electric mobility specialist
Alberto Escobar
Representative of the Agrupación de Movilidad Eléctrica de Chile
Redmer Van der Meer
Vice President Planning Office, Nissan Latin America
Federico Sanchez
Architect and urban planner, presenter of City Tour, a Chilean TV programme about urban planning
Davor Gjuranovic
News reporter and presenter of programmes about the underground system, cars and buses for TVN, Chile’s national TV network
Tyler Li
Presidente of BYD Brasil
Alessandro Farruggia
Journalist at Quotidiano Nazionale specialising in foreign affairs, environment, energy and defence, blogger and writer
Sergio Fernandez Mungia
Engineer in the wind sector. Passionate about renewables and electric cars