A Promising Future for PV Solar

Published on Friday, 17 January 2014

2014 will be the year of PV solarpower. After the record of 12 gigawatts of new installed capacity achieved in the last quarter of 2013, a recent report by Solarbuzz predicts that this year a further 49GW of PV solar capacity will be installed. The technology is important for the Enel Group, which has consistently invested in it as part of its forward-looking development policy.

Enel began its solar voyage in 1994, when it grid-connected the Serre Persano facility, which has an installed capacity of 3.3 megawatts and for a long time was the largest in Europe. Enel's current capacity amounts to 269MW across Europe and North America, and it has projects in the pipeline both in Latin America and the new South African market, which it entered into last year.

The most recent result of this commitment came in November with the putting into service of the 10MW Podari PV solar plant in, in Romania, which can produce 12 million kilowatt-hours per year.

Several projects have also been launched in Latin America, where in November work began on Diego de Almagro, the first PV solar plant in Chile. Once completed, it will have an installed capacity of 36MW and produce up to 80GWh. Another two photovoltaic plants will be built in Chile to ensure energy supplies to the Central Interconnected System, (SIC) as part of the Chilean public tender SIC 2013 -01.

In Brazil Enel Green Power won multi-year contracts for the supply of energy within the public Pernambuco's Solar Tender, and will then develop two PV solar projects in the State of Pernambuco which will have a total capacity of 11MW. Meanwhile in South Africa Enel will carry out four solar projects totalling 314MW Aurora, Tom Burke, Paleisheweul and Pulida, in areas where solar radiation is most concentrated.