Enel Kiosk Innovating in Romania

Published on Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Enel is heavily involved in the digitalisation of services in a number of different countries, with the aim of saving both time and paper and protecting the environment, as well as meeting customers' need for simplifying services and increase levels of customer satisfaction.

This is especially true in Romania, which the Enel Group considers one of the most interesting countries in Europe. Following the electronic bills project based on the model implemented in Italy, Enel has launched Enel Kiosk, a project that was conceived specifically for Romania and enables a quick two-way communication between Enel and its customers.

Fifty booths have already been installed and have brought a satisfied response from customer. The service has 15,000 users per month on average, helping to free up call centers and contact points and streamlining their activities.

Enel Kiosk is easy to use, multifunctional and interactive, and enables customers to give meter readings, view bills and payment status, download forms and print documents. New features will continue to be added to the kiosks, and soon customers will be able to choose their contract.

A third phase of improvements will see even more advanced services being provided, such as the payment of bills directly from theEnel Kiosk. A scanning system will also be installed, which will identify customers by their barcode, making the booths even more user-friendly.