Zem2All celebrates a year of success

Published on Wednesday, 22 January 2014

With 160 electric vehicles driving for more than one million kilometres in one year, the first anniversary of Zem2All, the e-mobility pilot project for Malaga Smart City led by the Enel Group through its subsidiary Endesa which has a four-year budget of €60million, also saw celebration of  great success.

Through the use of these vehicles, which have refuelled 25,000 times at 229 charging stations, the emission of 72 tonnes of carbon dioxide have been avoided. Over the course of this year another 40 electric vehicles will be delivered.

Furthermore, 23 stations have adopted the innovative fast charge technology, with which 80 percent of any charge can be done in less than 30 minutes. The Zem2All charging network also includes six V2G (Vehicle to Grid) charging stations that enable vehicles to return electricity to the grid when a peak in energy demand arises.  

All vehicles are connected to a control centre that sends useful tips like the location of the closest charging station and the easiest way to get there. Moreover, smartphone applications have been developed, giving users the ability to manage and receive information on their vehicles and how to charge them.

A particularly innovative electric car charging system is being used in underground parking areas built under the city's railway station. Thanks to cutting-edge technology that harnesses the energy  of braking trains and a distribution network powered by PV solar canopies installed at the station, cars can be fully charged in less than half an hour for free, with the only expense incurred for the user being the parking ticket.