A new mini-hydro plant in Slovakia

Published on Monday, 10 February 2014

Slovenské elektrárne, a subsidiary of the Enel Group, has connected to the grid the new small hydro power plant Dobšiná III, which has a total installed capacity of 0.315 MW. The new small hydro power plant, which adds up to the Dobšiná Water Work System,  will be able to generate 1,485 MWh of electricity per year. With Dobšiná III SHPP, Slovenské elektrárne added another renewable source to its portfolio, further increasing the current 90% share of electricity produced without harmful emissions.

The Dobšiná Water Work System is composed of the upper reservoir Palcmanská Maša on the Hnilec River, lower reservoir at Vlcia dolina valley, compensation reservoir downstream of Dobšiná on the Dobšinský Stream, pumped-storage power plant Dobšiná I and the two small hydro power plants Dobšiná II and III. The total installed capacity of these three power plants is 26.315 MW and the expected annual production is 45,000 MWh. The design of this water work system, leading water from the Hnilec River catchment (Hornád River) to the Dobšinský Stream catchment (Slaná River), allows the utilisation of the energy potential of a delta height of 285.5 m between the respective valleys.

The new small hydro power plant Dobšiná III has a head of 9.80 m and a flowrate of 3.20 m3/s. Electricity is generated by means of one horizontal Kaplan turbine. The SHPP is fully automated, meaning that thanks to the power plant's  control and information system, operations can be directly managed from the Trencín hydro-power dispatching centre, but, if necessary, they can also be managed from the Dobšiná PSPP or manually directly at Dobšiná I.