Enel Aids Growth of Electric Car Market

Published on Wednesday, 12 February 2014

After solid growth in 2013, the sale of electricvehicles will be worth $5.8billion in 2022, according to Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment, a recent report published by Navigant Research.

Their study found that in 2013 the sale of electric vehicles increased by 55 percent, reaching a value of $567million,  and even if there is 'an imbalance between the relatively high number of available chargers and the number of vehicles on the road', senior research analyst Lisa Jerram stated that 'that ratio is moving toward equilibrium'.

Over the last few years, Enel has targeted this e-mobility market, encouraging both the growth of the distribution network and the more widespread use of electric vehicles through agreements with manufacturers.

The most recent agreement was signed with BMW and will see public charging stations installed, with “all inclusive” packages for the manufacturer's electric i Series cars. The Charge Now initiative is based on the use of a service card that can be signed when buying an electric vehicle at the dealership, and the purchaser can sign up to one of a number of ENEL Drive charging deals.

Enel has also collaborated with Piaggio in the development of electric vehicles for company fleets and hybrid scooters. Particularly important is the memorandum of understanding signed with Renault-Nissan, a partnership that over the years has led to a number of achievements, from the interaction among the different monitoring systems for Enel's infrastructural network to the development of a 43 kilowatt, alternate current fast charge system.

Enel also has an important presence in Latin American countries, with Group subsidiaries Edelnor and Chilectra entering into agreements with Mitsubishi in Peru and Chile for the distribution of i-MiEV vehicles, which can travel more than 150 kilometres per charge. In Colombia, the Group is working together with Bogotá local authorities to put electric buses and taxis into service.