The Challenges Facing Energy in Europe

Published on Monday, 17 February 2014

'Only with a coordinated, Europe-wide approach will be able to take on the key issues facing the energy industry, because that will be the basis for the creation of a genuine European energy policy which will require member states to give up some of their sovereignty in favour of the supranational decision making that globalisation requires,' said Enel president Paolo Andrea Colombo at the Challenges and Opportunities of the Europe Electricity Industry in the New Global Environment event, which took place at Enel Auditorium in Rome on 12 February.

Predicted growth in global energy demand will be driven almost exclusively by emerging economies, with China and India contributing to 50 percent of that growth. And non-conventional fossil fuels such as shale gas and new green economy technology will play a key role in satisfying that demand.

'There is a necessity that Europe identifies ways of kick-starting the energy sector and create a sustainable system of competition that can put the continent's economy on the launch pad,' said Colombo. 'Ensuring a secure, low-cost energy supply that also respects the environment is one of the key ways of bringing growth and competition back to the European economy. The development of new technology will be the principle way of achieving this aim and diversifying energy sources, lower costs and limit carbon dioxide emissions.'

Nobel Prize winner Carlo Rubbia was the guest of honour at an event focused on the energy industry, which is going through a period of profound change that is effecting the energy market, competition and growth prospects in a number of different economies.