A Greener and More Dynamic Future

Published on Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Enel Group achieved positive results in 2013 that were made possible by actions that were implemented by the management, aimed both at reducing costs and optimise investments, with a consequent growth in emerging markets and in renewable energy.

The 2014-2018 Business Plan, which was recently presented to the financial community, proposes makingthe energy produced by the Enel Group even greener, while also increasing geographical and technological diversification.

The Group's work on the rationalisation of its operations and increasing efficiency will continue, while the share of renewable energy in the mix will increase thanks to new construction in growing markets. Meanwhile Enel will augment its distribution activities with a focus on service quality and smart technology, concentrating on value-added services for customers.

This strategy is borne from the need to adapt to an environment dominated by the economic crisis and ongoing transitions taking place in the energy field, in which Enel will innovate to stay ahead in an increasingly globalised environment that is characterised by the rapid growth of emerging nations, serious environmental needs, the widespread of smart technology and increasingly conscientious and proactive customers.

By 2018 the Enel Group's renewable energy capacity will be 13,400 megawatts, a more than 50 percent increase on current capacity. Renewable energy operations, which EGP currently manages in 16 countries, will extend further in Latin America, Africa and Turkey, while new business opportunities will be explored in a number of American, African and Eurasian nations.

In economic terms, increases in efficiency will reduce costs by €5.8billion, while the operating margin (EBITDA) will rise by a billion euro to €18billion. Net profit is expected to increase from the €3.1billion in 2013 to €4.5billion in 2018, while in the same period debt will be cut by about €3.8billion.