Enel Driving Smart Grid Growth

Published on Thursday, 20 March 2014

The development of smart grids is the pillar supporting expectations of a truly sustainable energy future, one that is based on a more widespread and efficient use of electricity.

Innovations in technology are coming rapidly one after the other. However, as both expectations and the market grow, there is a need to clearly outline the challenges that need to be faced up to in order to achieve orderly and competitive development, beginning with those in the legal and regulatory fields.

The legal challenges that the widespread use of smart grids are producing in Europe are the main topic of Status Review of Regulatory Approaches to Enabling Smart Grids Solutions, a report published by the Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER).

The study examines the approach adopted by regulators and the smart grids development plans of individual States. In particular, it focuses on new solutions in the development phase, the cost/benefit analysis of demonstration projects and the potential benefits of performance indicators and incentivising systems. 

The Enel Group has been playing a central role internationally for many years in the development of this sector, through a number of different projects that aim to innovate network mechanisms and at improving the energy distribution service, and issues are crucial to the establishment of the necessary legal framework.

Enel was the first in the world to begin down this path almost fifteen years ago, and it can currently count on top quality infrastructure, as well as boasting a large number of ongoing projects. This has been added to by its participation in key projects within Europe and further afield and has turned Enel into a big player in the definition of strategies and future working models of smart grids in Europe.