Enel Exporting its Excellence

Published on Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Western nations are slowly but surely overcoming the worst moments of the economic crisis, with all the signs suggesting that the recovery now seem within reach.

The Enel Group intends to play a central role in the new post-crisis phase, using its ability to capitalise on some of the best skills and expertise in the European energy field, creating an integrated and shared value chain that is acknowledged across the world.

The recovery of Euro-zone countries will favour a group whose Italian DNA has been enriched by the Spanish expertise. Made in Italy products are recognised for their quality and excellence all over the world, not only in fashion, food, home design and cars, but also in areas such as aerospace, IT, biotechnology and the pharmaceutical sector, with technologies that are gaining increasing importance in global markets.

Italy has technological skills and a unique cultural and creative heritage that has added value to Enel, a business whose growth has been attained through innovation and which is now present in 40 countries across four continents.

Despite its increasingly international dimensions, Enel is still investing in Italy, a country that enables the development of cutting-edge ideas, projects and good practices which can then be exported worldwide,  as it has done in the past and is doing now in innovative sectors such as efficient and green technologies, smart grids, smart cities and added value energy services, like some of those that are provided to customers in Eastern Europe, Russia and the Americas.