Enel Sole and Endesa Light Up Móstoles

Published on Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Enel Sole and Endesa have won a contract to manage street lighting in the town of Móstoles near Madrid as an Energy Service Company (ESCO). The contract provides for the pair to invest in upgrading current street lighting, as well as manage the service for at least the next 16 years, with a possible extension to 20 years.

The two Enel Group businesses, who are working in tandem with construction company SICE, will upgrade 17,000 lights, 79 percent of the town's total, with around 6,300 LED lights. Through this operation an energy saving of 48 percent is predicted, with consumption set to be cut by 6,214,000 kilowatt-hours.

There is also a plan for ornamental lighting of monuments in 15 areas of the town, including the Town Hall, the Mariblanca Temple, the Ancient Schools, the Forest Theatre, the Ermita de Nuestra Señora de Todos los Santos, the City Museum and the Ancient Water Fountains.

As part of the project local workers will be used in the installation and maintenance of the lights, creating work for local people and encouraging development in the region.