Enel's innovation grows in Romania

Published on Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Nine years ago Enel entered the Romanian energy market. In April 2005, while the government in Bucharest was signing its membership treaty with the European Union, the Group purchased Romanian businesses Electrica Banat and Electrica Dobrogea, the first step of Enel's international expansion which brought growth and diversification to Romania, as well as a vertical development that combined generation, distribution and services for customers.

With 90,000 km of electricity lines, 548 main stations and more than 40,000 secondary substations, 14.6 TWh distributed in one year and six companies that include generation, distribution and retail, the numbers show the breadth of the Enel Group's presence in Romania. Enel serves the regions of Muntenia, where capital city Bucharest is located, Banat and Dobrogea, and the Group is also one of the country's principle domestic operators with a 30 percent market share. It is benefitting from the process of market liberalisation that began a few years ago, and it is now beginning to service for domestic consumers.   

Enel has 2.7 million customers in Romania and this is one of the main parts of the Group's development in this country. Besides offering deals tailored to the needs of its customers, the company is also investing in the Punto Enel network, in call centre services and websites, and aims to provide cost-effective services to its customers. It also set up an Enel Kiosk network, 50 public booths connected to the Internet, which are used each month by some 15,000 customers for real time information on contracts, consumption and bills and assistance from an online operator.

The innovation in consumer services embodied by the Enel Kiosks is one of the key parts of the Group's presence Romania and is also represented in a number of different projects that are bringing Romania's electricity sector up to the highest European standards. Among these, smart meters stand out in particular; according to Giuseppe Fanizzi, Enel's director general of Networks in Romania, 'as part of the 2014-2018 investment plan 50 percent of Enel's Romanian customers will have new meters', which are an evolution of the Cervantes model that the Group adopted in Spain and which will be assembled on site.