Europe driving ahead with electric cars

Published on Wednesday, 30 April 2014

With more than 1,400 electric vehicle charging stations already installed in Italy and 853 installed in Spain by Endesa, of which 253 over the course of 2013 alone, the Enel Group's sustainable mobility portfolio is growing nicely. The Group is developing the technology in Brazil, Chile and Peru, and is also conquering the sea with electric water taxies and public ferryboats.

Endesa is playing a central role in the development of electric transport in Spain with several initiatives, including the Movele government project being carried out in Madrid, Barcelona and Seville, Zem2All (Zero Emissions Mobility to All), which was tested in the city of Malaga, and the recent Endesa End-to-End Charging Point Solution, an all-inclusive service providing Spanish customers with all the devices they need for the installation of a home charging station.

A study carried out by Research on the Energy System (RSE), a subsidiary of the Italian Energy Services Manager (GSE), estimated that €100million of investment will be necessary to put electric cars definitively on the marketplace. According to the RSE this amount, which would come from a public-private partnership, would enable the development of fast charging stations on motorways, installing them 'at 10 percent of distributors, enabling cars to freely drive across the country'.

Enel has been developing electric cars outside cities for the past two years. Thanks to agreements signed with the Emilia Romagna region in Italy, for the first time in Europe all provincial capitals within a region have been equipped with charging stations that can be used with a single card, allowing electric cars to drive over long distances outside urban areas using infrastructure that is accessible across the region.

'What's new this year is that electric cars are no longer limited to cities,' said Enel Distribuzione's head of Smart Grids and New Technologies Fulvia Fazio. The Group has already installed charging stations in Italy's major cities and launched the fast charging system, a 43 kilowatt column that completely charges vehicles in half an hour. 'Thanks to an agreement with (energy business) ENI, next summer we will also test – starting in Pomezia near Rome – the new fast-charge points at the its motorway petrol stations,' Fazio explained.