Green Energy Innovation in Emerging Markets. New Report highlights Enel's Global Growth

Published on Monday, 14 April 2014

According to the second edition of the Irex International Report, geographical diversification in emerging countries, rationalisation of operations and technological innovation are the strong points being shown by renewable energy operators in 2014. The survey, which was conducted by Althesys, looked at the world's top 50 top renewable energy businesses, among which was Enel Green Power.

The study showed thatboth installed capacity and investments are growing in emerging markets. Despite the fact that most clean energy plants are EU-based, in the first months of 2014 Latin American and Eastern European countries accounted for 31.5 percent of the operations that  Althesys' report took into consideration and 29.3 percent of total new installed capacity.

Innovation is essential for the growth of renewable energy, which thanks to developments in technology is moving towards the grid parity and the socket parity. While global investment in green energy fell by about 11 percent between 2012 and last year, in the same period installed capacity grew by 109 gigawatts due to the reductions in cost, improved plant performance and greater efficiency brought about by innovation. The report also stressed that European and American companies invest up to three times more on research and development – as in the case of PV solar – than Asian businesses.

Wind power is the best performing renewable energy source, and investments in emerging countries have surpassed those in developed nations. This is particularly true for Latin America and for Enel Green Power, which recently completed the last of the three wind farms that make up the Cristal group in Brazil, and began 2014 with a daily production record in the USA of more than five gigawatt-hours, thanks to the large Rocky Ridge and Chisholm View facilities in Oklahoma.