The Sun Never Sets on Enel. Thanks to Emergency Response

Published on Tuesday, 15 April 2014

From scorching heat in Argentina to wind blowing at speeds of up to 60 kilometres per hour in the United States and snowstorms in Italy and Romania, Enel personnel around the world often face extreme weather conditions. However thanks to the Group's wealth of experience in such situations they succeed in providing a prompt response to any sudden emergencies.

Heavy snowfall and ice storms struck the Romanian regions of Muntenia and Dobrogea in January, with gusts of wind with peaks exceeding 80 km per hour and up to 15 centimetres of snowfall per hour blocked roads, interrupted power lines and isolated entire villages, leaving almost 40,000 people without electricity. In response to these emergencies, more than 100 technicians working for Enel and its contractors worked in a state of alert for several days, promptly repairing every failure and restoring electricity in the affected areas.

The demonstration of the dedication and skill of Enel's employees in Romania was similar to Enel's performance in Italy in the winter of 2012, when its technicians responded to a weather emergency that struck 30 provinces and around 160,000 users. In only 12 days technicians carried out a number of electricity infrastructure maintenance and restoration operations that would usually have taken four months.

When the Ola de Calor heatwave struck Buenos Aires in December, the ability of Edesur workers in Argentina combined with the application the Group's technologies and experiences in other extreme situations faced in other countries enabled a decisive response to emergencies caused by the overburdening of electricity systems and the sudden deterioration of medium and low voltage underground cabling. Enel and Endesa technicians who specialise in trouble-shooting helped create a 'global emergency team' with local Edesur workers in order to deal with the emergency.