Enel a leader in Europe and Latin America

Published on Friday, 16 May 2014

Either number one or in a leading position in many countries in the world, Enel is a leader in electricity generation and distribution and sometimes it's the top domestic energy operator in both of these activities.

Enel's global growth from the beginning of its internationalisation process in 2005 until now is testament to its development both in production and its presence across geographical areas, which has turned the Group into a point of reference for the global energy sector.








Installed capacity (GW)



Electricity production (TWh)




about 34 million

61  million

Network length  (Km)

1.1 million

1.9 million


Enel's leadership begins in Italy and travels all the way to Chile. And if in the country where the Group has been operating for more than 50 years, its leading role is justified by its long tradition, in Latin American and European nations its position as a first national operator is  much less expectable.

In Italy the Group is number one both in generation and distribution with respective market shares of 27 and 85 percent. In Slovakia, where Enel began operating in February 2005 following the purchase of 66 percent of Slovenské Elektràrne, the Group is top for  generation with a 78 percent market share. Meanwhile in Romania, where Enel purchased Electrica Banat and Electrica Dobrogea in April 2005, Enel ranks second in distribution with a 33 percent market share and serves around 2.7 million customers.

Its leading position inSpain and Portugal has turned the Group into the number one operator in both generation (27 percent) and distribution (43 percent), thanks to the long-lasting presence of Endesa, which following its purchase by Enel offered it a legacy of market leadership in Spain and Portugal and all the way to Latin America.

Chile, Argentina, Peru and Colombia are another four countries where the Group is a hugely important presence. With an installed capacity of 6.2 gigawatts and 1.7 million customers, Enel is the number one energy distribution (40 percent) and generator (31 percent) in Chile. The Group is also a leading private operator in Colombia, with a 20 percent market share in generation and 24 percent in distribution. In Peru and Argentina the Group ranks first in generation and second in distribution.

Renewable energy development and access to new markets are the Group's new growth opportunities. With a GOM of which more than 40 percent is represented by growing markets and Enel Green Power's 4.6GW predicted capacity growth by 2018, the Group is set on strengthening its leading position and paving the way for development new countries.