Enel Bringing Energy Efficiency to the Favelas

Published on Friday, 30 May 2014

With a World Cup around the corner, Brazil is still a country of huge contrasts: powerful economic growth go together with social inequality, ambitious projects with serious infrastructure issues, outstanding achievements on the international stage with local inefficiencies. Since beginning operations in the country in 2001, Enel has become a leader in the country's energy sector through an electricity production of 1.2 gigawatts and its more than six million customers. Its activities range from the development of renewable energy through Enel Green Power to electricity retail through Coelce and Ampla, each bringing together innovation and efficiency with social inclusion.

Enel is promoting social inclusion in the favelas of Fortaleza e Rio through social programmes aimed at the country's poorest and most disadvantaged neighbourhoods.  For years Ampla and Coelce have been a constant presence in the favelas with the Ecoelce, Consciência Ampla and Energia social intiatives that offer the inhabitants of Rio and Ceara states programmes and tools that promote a secure, sustainable and efficient use of electricity.

Household electrical appliances, health and environmental protection are the three key elements of the Troca eficiente project promoted by Coelce, which since 2009 has helped the poorest people living in Ceara state. Households in 63 councils have replaced their old fridges with new models, helping them to cut their electricity consumption by as much as 70 percent. The programme also saw the treatment of about 2,100 litres of lubricating oil and the regeneration of some 910 kilos of HCFC gas for 55,000 fridges.

Electricity and recycling are the basis of the Ecoelce programme, as part of which customers from the poorest districts of Ceara state take their recycling to Coelce's collection points. The value of the waste added to cards provided to customers, after which they receive discounts on their bills. 

Consciência Ampla eficente is part of a broader programme being carried out by the State of Rio de Janeiro, where since 2005 Ampla personnel have been travelling to the most disadvantaged areas of the state to increase energy efficiency and electricity security in low-income households, kindergartens and hospitals, as well as to install low-cost electric home appliances and lighting systems.